Monday, February 2, 2009

Photos Displayed Here - As shot

I kinda quit mentioning this a while ago because it was true on almost every picture I'm sharing here. They are as shot unless previously mentioned. Why would someone, in the digital age, do such a crazy thing? Because my computer SUCKED!

I gave up editing my photo a couple of years ago. I'm a professional IT guy. I work on computers all day. The computer I used for editing photo was named PC03. The 03 was in memory of the year I built it (January to be exact - Happy Birthday). Photoshop Elements no long runs in a timely fashion. A few minutes to start, a couple of minutes waiting for it to scroll and even longer to open the RAW images I shoot. I'm 39 years old and have no patience.

While I think the discipline I've learned shooting camera ready photos helps to make you a better photographer, I know there is so much more in my archives that just need a nudge. Even some of the pictures here are just a tweak away from even more.

So why am I ranting on a photoblog? Because this weekend, my wife gave the OK on the capital investment in a new puter! So why not just wait until I get the things and the yell, "Surprise!"? I really want a Mac and Lightroom. All the cool kids have'em. I have no idea what to get.

This blog attracts millions several readers every day and I know there a several of you that subscribe in a reader...I'm askin...what do I get? What are the extras I need? How do I get to keep using Quicken?!!!