Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Let's just call it the barn picture

There are days I just know I need to bring my camera to work. I don't take pictures for a living, so that doesn't happen that often.

Every now and then, I just bring it with. Sometimes I feel the need, sometimes, because nature calls.

This photo I took on one of those days that nature just called. At the end of this last winter, mother nature decided to catch up on a serious lack of snow in these parts by dumping a whole seasons worth of snow in two days. And where there is heavy wet snow, there are cool picture opportunities.

I drive past this bard every day. It's on my way home. But today, there was something different. It actually looks cool with this fresh snow! I drove past it with the kids in the van and got about a mile down the road. All the time, I was thinking...that was it. That's why I took my camera to work! I drove back and slowly found the spot.

This photo is touched just a bit. In Photoshop, I made everything but the red of the barn black and white. And the red of the barn I saturated just a touch. Really not much.

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My World said...

I like this shot... this is what I look for. The old stuff, getting ready to fall down. They make interesting shots...

Thank you,