Saturday, November 24, 2007

Thanksgiving - Time to reflect

I mentioned this in the last post, this is the hardest time of the year for me to get excited about photography. Where I live in southern Minnesota, everything is just tan. That, and I can't imagine my family life being any busier.

Thanksgiving weekend has given me some time to look through the "Archives". Since I can't seem to get inspired to do much shooting and no one seems to calling me with ideas, I'm gonna try to post some "Best of the Never Been Posted."

This picture here was altered in Photoshop to be black and white. Otherwise the frame is "As Shot."

This was one of my first adventures out with my new camera. It was shot last December it what could only be described as a horribly drawn out fall. If I remember, it was about 60 or 70 degrees on this day. December. More proof of Global Warming.

It was taken at the Olmsted County Historical Museum. On the site, there is Hadley Valley Schoolhouse. There is more information about this on their site, but needless to say, it was really interesting to take my kids their. I explained the best I could about one room school houses. And no, I didn't attend one.

Mark P. will remember this day...I called him several times to see if he wanted to shoot that day. He declined repeated attempts.