Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Vacation - Groom's Dinner

Our vacation is widing down. We will be flying home today.

Anyone that knows me won't be shocked to find out I took over 700 images while on vacation. I love the sound of a good shutter!

I've got a stable internet connection and a slow start to the day.

Here's the first picture from this trip I'll share with you.

I took this picture outside the groom's dinner at Captain Billy's in Newburg, Maryland sitting next to the Potomac River.

What a beautiful area!

I'll post more later. It's time for our last breakfast in the hotel and the off to the airport!


Greg said...

What a great photo Tim!! Just a great perspective.

Jeremy Neal said...

Very cool. I love the Potomac and bay area. Sounds like you guys had a great vacation!

Gadzooks64 said...

Hahahah! The sound of a great shutter.

When I realized you could turn it off on digital cameras I thought to myself, "Sacrilege!"

OhCaptain said...

Greg - Thanks! It took a bit of shifting, but its fun when you finally get the lines in order.

Thanks Jeremy! We did have a great time. This is a pretty cool area. Too bad I hate sea food.

Zooks - I know about the "Sacrilege!" feeling. My digital SLR has a pretty heavy duty shutter in it that still gives you that great shutter sound. I do turn the "Beep" off.