Monday, December 8, 2008

Getting ready for Christmas

Is there a busier time of year for a parent?

The Mrs. and I have decided to take a long weekend to Vegas for a meet up with poker bloggers. You know, one of my many other blogs?

Before we take off for one of my favorite photo ops (I love shooting in Vegas!), I wanted to share a picture of my youngest getting ready to hang one of her favorite ornaments.

If I happen to take any good photos in Vegas, I'll be sure to get them here as soon as possible.
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nonna said...

wow! demand and you shall receive i guess :) yet another nice shot. man, someday i'm gonna have to grow up and get a real camera (and some classes on how to use said camera

OhCaptain said...

Thanks nonna!

I like my camera a lot. It's a Canon 30D. DSLR's are the only way to go, although, if you go back in my archives, I used to shoot only point and shoot cameras.

Follow the link on my page to the Digital Photography School. That's a fabulous site for learning and studying photography. They have a feed, subscribe and enjoy! I read it every day.

Memphis MOJO said...

Have fun, and I'm definitely looking forward to some photos!

fxmixer said...

Nice holiday shot. Looking forward to some more shots from Vegas.

OhCaptain said...

Camera batteries charged: check.
Memory cards empty: check.
Batteries for flash: check (although I have no idea why I'd need a flash in Vegas)
Arrived in McCarran airport: D'oh!

Is it 4:30pm WST???? Why am I not in Vegas yet????