Monday, July 2, 2007

Weddings - things are looking up!

This weekend, I found myself at another wedding. Weddings are a fantastic way to start a marriage and also as time for someone like me to really get enjoy looking at the ceiling of a church I'd not normally go into.

This wedding occured in Kasson, MN at St John's Lutheran. I, again, found the ceiling to be very interesting. I'm beginning to wonder if ceilings aren't a theme for something, but I digress.

This first picture is of the wall directly behind the altar. I particually liked the way the light slid down the wall of a beautiful wood.

This next picture is the rest of the ceiling looking back to the organ and balcony area. Again, these skylights with the wood are just very interesting to me. The gradients created as the light showers in are very appealing. I'd have liked to spend more time here squaring up the shot. The symetry was really quite remarkable. But, because of time constraints, I was forced to shoot by hand...and if you know me...we might have waited a long time to get things, steady.

After leaving church, we are off to the reception and on to my other wedding time killer, low light photography! One hard part of shooting these is that there is often a door open somewhere that is fully lit, making it nearly impossible to get a frame that can be exposed without a complete washout. This venue was no different, but I did find a few angles that worked.

This shot on the left was done freehand. Image stabilization really helps! I tried to freeze the group in the center, but by rotating the zoom at the last minute, I think the affect of trails makes for a really interesting memory of a wedding dance.

Disco, disco duck! This is another freehand photo. Not sure how I got this one to work, but somehow, I got the ball almost completely frozen and the streamer lights are trailed off using the zoom rotation technique.

This wedding was a fun time. I shot almost one full 2GB memory card and considering that during the entire ceremony, I was sitting behind the official photograper and videographer, I got only a very small number of pictures of the actual ceremony. The rest, were for fun!

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