Thursday, July 26, 2007

The beauty in things around us

I like to take pictures of the people, places and things I happen to find around me. I rarely ever seek out photo opportunities. This is one of the reasons, you rarely find me too far from my camera.

The three pictures I'm share today are definitely things I find around me. I've been struggling to find ways to take pictures of my kids that aren't just snapshots. We have a city park that's not to far from our house and I was really hoping that kids at play would give me some chances to capture the magic of kids at play.This subject has been really hard for me. I'm not very good at portraits or journalistic style, but I like challenges.

This first picture seemed to be a natural kids at play shot. I struggled with get the frame square and the centered, but the kids just don't give you a lot of time for this. My nephew and my daughter do like to ham it up, so taking pictures of them can be lots of fun. I think this one is getting closer to capturing the fun!
Do you ever just catch a glimpse of your wife and think, wow, is she beautiful? This next picture was that moment. She's at the park with the kids and doing Suduko...but the peaceful moment for me just really made for a good photo.

I know my wife doesn't think much of it, because she doesn't like photos without faces, but sometimes I think the message of the picture is what makes me enjoy the shot.

To me, there is just something relaxing about this. I also think the 'Rule of Thirds' was at work here. The lines, the symetry. Could be, I'm just whipped too.
The last picture today was the first time I took a candid shot that made me go, "Wow!" Just like we learned at Rocky Mountain School of Photography, keep the picture tight and capture the inner essence of the subject.

Here's my ham of a daughter showing off her princess ball. The eyes tell it all. She's happy and joking and ready to chuck the ball at Dad again! There's even the twinkle in the eye they talked so much about. Yeah!

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