Tuesday, August 7, 2007

River City Days - Red Wing, MN

One word sums up the weekend....rainy. I rained almost the entire day on Saturday. I never took my camera out. I had really hoped to get some camera time in this weekend, but time was running out.

It didn't rain on Sunday, but the sun never showed its face either. I didn't have a lot of time either, but I did get out for a few minutes. Here's what I found. The Arts and Crafts show that I was working was very close to the Eisenhower bridge that crosses the Mississippi River in Red Wing MN.

In light of the tradegy last week in Minneapolis, I was fascinated by how this bridge was built.

Not sure if this bridge is "Structurally Deficient," it does have some intersting lines.

What follows is the fruit of my short break from organizing the chaos.

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K said...

Good god, I drive over that bridge every day to take E to daycare... please don't put scary thoughts like that into my brain!!! I wonder if our bridge is being checked? Properly. Hmmm... wonder where a person could find ou that information?