Saturday, January 26, 2008

Twins Fest 2008

Yeah! It's almost Twins time. If you don't know me personally, it might be new, I'm a die-hard Minnesota Twins fan. For Pete's sake, I asked my wife to marry me at game during the 1995 season.

Twins Fest kicks off pre-season. Pitchers and catchers start reporting to Spring Training right around February 1st.

This first picture isn't something I normally get to see, a sea of empty seats in the Dome. It took me a little while to try and find the right angle and view. Some very interesting lines form. It actually surprised me they weren't more parallel

I'm still not sure about this picture. I didn't have a lot of time to take it. We were on the "Club House" tour and were cow herded through things.

This is the shelf where the players store their batting helmets and other items they aren't using during the game.

It's amazing how little color exists in the Dome. The dugout is no exception. Other than this blue shelf, its all pretty much concrete and white walls.
This is the picture I got the most excited about. I'm not quite sure why, but the latest version of Picasa keeps darkening my pictures. This picture is much brighter than it keeps posting to the blog.

This picture was taken in the hallway near the Twins Club House. We actually couldn't take pictures inside the Club House because of some kind of bizarre rule imposed by the Player's Association. Even the Manager's office is off limits to the camera. Go figure.

All in all, Mark and Aron and I had a great time exploring the Dome.

This time of year always gets me excited for my favorite summer past time.

Let's Play Ball!

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