Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Barn Photo Redux

It's another beautiful day here in MN. I'm approaching my last day at my current job. This caused me some serious issues this morning.

You see, the conditions were perfect for more hoarfrost. Todays coating was about the thickest I've ever seen. Man-o-man getting to work without filling the memory card was a challenge.

I swung by my old haunts to find one of my favorite barns looking might nice.

The only adjustment to this picture was bit of of upping the exposure on the RAW converter. Otherwise, this is as shot.

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Greg said...

Why is it that barns are so interesting to shoot?? I hate farms, and don't really much care about barns. Yet I find myself always wanting to take the photos of barns.

Man the barns.

I was in Roch yesterday with E and we drove by Silver Lake......MAN were there the geese loaded in there. That is something I would like to fill a card with!