Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Barn Photo Redux - The Sequel

Back to this morning.

I drive this little road that connects my residential area with a drive that takes us to downtown. It runs behind a golf course and serves as the edge of our metropolis. I love to call this road "Bob's Road." (Name that movie!)

This bridge is in the golf course. It crosses a little creek that floods every time it gets wet in these parts.

I did touch this up a little in Photoshop. The exposures just don't seem right.
These next two pictures are of our favorite subject...the barn on Bob's Road.

Here are two more angles of the same barn. I'd love to here what everyone thinks.

This barn is scheduled for demolishion this spring. Bob's Road will be growing up and be turned into a real road. So if anyone has ideas of what can be done with this subject let me know. Just remember, I have to take the pictures from the road. As far as I know, this barn is still on private property. The property appears abandoned, but I just don't know.

This second one is very similar to the shot I took last winter only this time, I turned the camera over.

I'm really liking this one. I like it better than the one from last year, but I'm not sure its better than the post from this morning.

I'm a big fan of the rule of thirds. I also really like photos with vast empty space. This fits them both.

Do you like pictures like this?

Lastly, I found these log/brush piles. I've been watching them for a few years. I think there is a photo here, I'm just not sure this is the one.

In other news, I do need to tell everyone that I know have a nice collection of lenses now. I got today a 50mm Prime lens. With this last lens, I think I'm finally got a nice range of focal lengths.

More pictures from the 50mm coming soon.

Be sure to answer these questions! All feedback accepted and appreciated!


dmarks said...

Am I to assume these are usually in Olmsted County?

OhCaptain said...

Yes. These are in Olmsted county. I try to tell where I took each picture. This particular barn is a repeat subject for me. Its located on the road I take to work every day.

Thanks for stopping by! I appreciate your comments.

Greg said...


The barn is cool, but I really like the bridge. The icy trees make for a cool backdrop!

OhCaptain said...

Thanks Greg. I appreciate the comment! It is for the reason of the icy trees I bring my camera with me now, almost every where I go.

david mcmahon said...

G'day from Australia,

Came here from Nap Warden. The first and last shots are terrific. So different from our Australian summer at the moment.

OhCaptain said...

Thanks for the compliment David. I'll bet this is nothing like what you are used to in Australia.

Stop back once and while and you can see the whole range of seasons we have here! I take outdoor shots year round.

fxmixer said...

I like the barn image looking at the end where the roof seems to be pointing up. The space at the top of the image seems more needed here. The side shot of the barn with the space at the top seems to me to be wanting something to fill it. Just my 2 cents. And man, does it look cold!

OhCaptain said...

Fxmixer - I think I agree with you. The profile view, the space of above seems a bit much.

On problem I have with this barn is there is a pretty ugly house next to it and its on private land. All of the shots so far have been from a public street. No one lives there, so I don't even know how to ask for permission.

This is nothing like the cold you get in California. We've been back down below zero again lately. You SW boys would not like it much right now. Stop buy in the spring and summer, much better.

Thanks for the great comment!

Megan said...

Hey Walshes!!!! I have to say T, from these photos, I now remember, once again, why I DON'T LIVE IN THE TUNDRA!!! VERY pretty to look at.....but that's it. My facination ends there. Hope you are all well and get your kesters down to ATL!!! Love ya! ~M

Irene said...

love the photos! :)