Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I miss my camera

Minnesota in Feb/March is some of the most uninspiring sights around.

The snow is dirty. The roads are dirty. Cars are dirty. Everything is covered in a layer dirt. There are no colors to speak of...anywhere.

I started a conversation with fxmixer over at f/11 to try and see if we can come up with some photo assignment/challenges for each other. Still working on that. I think some challenges with due dates will really help getting the ol' juices flowing.

I realize, just recently, that this poor blog hasn't been updated in a month. That's completely unacceptable. So I've dug back into the archives to find this little gem.

This is another of my all-time favorite pictures. It just captures exploring the beach and really gives me that sense of relaxation we get when we are hanging out at the beach.

Believe it or not, this is the Minnesota/Wisconsin area in the summer. I've heard, it may actually get warm again. Anyone know what happened to global warming?

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Gadzooks64 said...

Minnesota in the summer?

Is there such a thing?


Where's the snow?

OhCaptain said...

Seriously...summer is free of snow...most years ;-)

Greg said...

I believe I was present when this one was taken!

I hear J & Y are either trying to sell the camper or have already :(

Looks like we will have to get a tent and make the camping trips ourselves.......or go to a real beach........somewhere tropical!!

fxmixer said...

A lovely image and I really like your choice of comp. We gotta get that assignment thing going. Maybe we should pick dirt as the subject! ;)

Robert said...

I love the title of this one. I've felt it too. I finally got out on a couple of photo opportunities and just loved it. I don't want it to end. Hopefully I keep this up and it becomes a regular thing again. Regarding your comment about these being uninspiring months because of lack of color...look for detail. In fact, assume you're finished product is b&w. Look for detail. Texture. Lines. Shapes. They're out there. Don't let lack of color distract you. Just get out there and shoot away. You'll be surprised at what you discover.

OhCaptain said...

Its mostly a problem with motivation. Every where you look, things are just all shades of brown. The streets are covered with sand, the grass is dead and, of course, covered in sand.

I've had opportunities to where I was inspired, but at work. My new job doesn't provide me a chance to carry a camera with me anymore. My last job, I had my camera with me almost every day.

Spring is fighting its way in. I'll be inspired soon!

Robert said...

I forgot to mention, you might be interested in posting to Wordless Wednesday (unless you already do and I missed it). If you are not familiar, WW is a place to link photos from your blog. Visit other entries, and they will most likely visit yours and leave comments. It's a fun way to see other people's work and get feedback on your own. It also forces you to do something. They are un-themed which makes it easier. Although the name says Wednesday, they have daily entries. I choose to participate only on Wednesdays though. Check it out and see if it's something you'd enjoy.


dmarks said...

I was in that general area a few years ago. Took scores of photos. And this was in the winter, too.