Sunday, August 10, 2008

River City Days - Sunrise from the Dock

I spent the day looking at this view. My post was very near the water. Saturday morning, the sunrise looked like this.

I really enjoy my Canon 17-85mm IS lens. I think I take almost 95% of my photos with it. The thing I like about it is, I can go from wide angle to the low end of a telephoto with the turn of my wrist.

I wasn't really sure how to shoot this shot and not have a snapshot but something more. I opted for a wide angle that include much of the dock I was standing on. The beautiful Eisenhower bridge in the background.

Would the picture have been better with the bridge in focus and the dock not? What do you think?


fxmixer said...

Tim I really like this one! I think it looks good with the dock in focus. It might've been cool to get really low and include even more of the dock. I'm really enjoying this series of images.

Barbara said...

I like it very much also!