Thursday, August 7, 2008

River City Days - Train at dawn

The first weekend in August in our family means one thing, River City Days in Red Wing, MN. My mother has been organizing and running the Arts and Crafts show for...let's just say I don't remember her not doing it.

When I met my wife, she joined the family tradition of helping Mom run the show. She loves doing it now.

Saturday morning I get the rare treat of waking up before dawn and heading down to Levee park to welcome the crafters to the show.

I've always been fascinated with light and in particular, the neat stuff it will do in a lens. I'm not always a big fan of lens flare, but on this morning, I was try to get it. The sun just seemed particularly bright today and it was reflecting off of everything. The flare helped me tell the story about the morning light.

This is the first in the series of photos I took that morning.

Do you like lens flare? Is washing this out too much? What do you think?


Greg said...

I think this is a nice shot Tim. I also liked the one of the river at dawn. This one grabs my attention more though. Not sure why, but it is just more visually catching to me.

Did you have a hood on? I am thinking of buying a couple for my lenses.

OhCaptain said...

I took the hood off so that I could get the lens flare.

They are really nice to have to prevent lens flare if you don't want it. I have hoods for all but one of my lenses.

Anonymous said...

Nice shot captain! Thanks for stopping by Photonic Harmony. I shall pop back to your blog when I have a little more time. Andy.

Barbara said...

We use to live in Red Wing - isn't it a great town! Some of our best friends live there.