Friday, September 12, 2008

A Portrait of a Thinker 2

After his initial surprise of being photographed while reading and a little small talk, my subject went back to reading.

I again found another great opportunity to snap a portrait.

The Plummer House is actually a great place for a shoot. My greatest difficulty was lighting, ain't it always?

Neither of these first two shots were done with a flash. I am also displaying them here as shot. I'm not sure I'm getting the exposure quite right. These web browsers suck.


Gadzooks64 said...

I love the historical feel to those two pictures.

Very nice.

fxmixer said...

A couple of cool shots Tim! Nice that you had that kind of access. They both look slightly yellow to my eye.

OhCaptain said...

I was noticing the yellow as well. I've been having trouble with photoshop (actually the machine its on) and was using Picasa for these. I'm just not sure I trust the Picasa RAW converter and it's adjustment tools are seriously lacking.