Sunday, September 14, 2008

The Water Fountain

In the garden at the Plummer House is this fountain. I really wished I could spend more time shooting just his, but alas, someone was paying me NOT to do that.
I tried 3 different poses. I'm thinking I like the top right exposure the best, but I'm not sure.

If you ask Mark, at Mark Parry Photography, I can be very frustrating when judging my own photographs.

This shot at the right was done with a longer exposure then the other with a much tighter look.

This last frame is a wider view of the pond and fountain. Later, you will see that this was the backdrop chosen by the bride and groom for many of their posed portraits.

Which fountain do you like best? What are your favorite ways to photograph scenes like this?

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fxmixer said...

Tim I love the shutter speed on the top right image. I'm a sucker for that smooth water look! I like your composition on the bottom image that's a bit wider. Good eye!