Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Pumpkins, pumpkins, pumpkins (Part Deux)

More pumpkins from the pumpkin patch.

I found this huge pile of pumpkins just fascinating. I also really like saying the word, pumpkin.

I'm trying something new with Picasa in hopes that these pictures quit sucking when posted with this tool. Photoshop is running so slow on my computer that it is almost unusable...thus, yet another picture posted "As Shot".

New puter is in the plan...now to get it push out of the merely spoken of plan and into the getting action plan.

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Greg said...

Hey, cool pumpkin shots!!

I thought I would share what I have heard at my photo club meetings from people that have recently bought new computers.

EVERYBODY in my club that has bought a new computer, has switched to a Mac. Everybody. This includes people who have long used Windows and Photoshop CS3. The "pros" and amatures alike that are in the club have nothing but positive to say about the Mac and the editing program, Apature.

Thought you might like to know what was being said around here when it comes to computers for photo editing.

OhCaptain said...

We've been looking at Macs. I need to do some PC stuff for work but I can do those on things on the Mac as well.

Memphis MOJO said...

Like your pumpkins (or punkins as people around her call them). I love fall colors.