Thursday, January 7, 2010

Week 1 of the 52 week challenge - Caution Icy

And it begins. This is week 1 of our 52 week challenge. I have until midnight Thursday every week to submit the photo the group on Flickr. I'm not sure the other guys want me to share a link to that.

This shot actually took a trip through Photoshop. I know I rarely do it, but my back was against the wall. We see this view every day when I walk to work from this abysmal parking location. In PS, I made everything black and white except the face of the sign. Nothing really fancy but I prefer my winter shots black and white. It was also take with my wife's point and shoot. It's just too much to drag my kit to work with me. Maybe with an idea in mind it wouldn't be too bad, but when I'm clueless about what might shot might be...nah.

I'm not sure what I think of this shot. It's similar to one I did with my iPhone a few weeks back, only sharper and better perspective. I just don't know, what do you think? Major suckage? Last minute miracle? Let's discuss this....the forum is open!


Astin said...

I like the idea, and the juxtaposition of the red/hot "icy" sign. It's a decent picture, but...

It might work better from a lower (level) angle - squat or drop to a knee. The high-angle is a bit off-putting with the big tree behind the sign.

Also, since you were in PS anyway, I'd have adjusted the curves a bit for the right side of the image. Bring out more detail in the big tree, and have the post of the sign pop out a bit more.

Michelle said...

I like it!
Although I have the ability I'm not going to get techie. My brain hurts lol.

Memphis MOJO said...

I like it, too. Great effect.