Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Yellow Bulbs

There were so many cool textures and patterns at this place. most of which were too good to pass up. I found these bulbs just as you see them. I was afraid of losing my group. We were warned that if we fall too far behind, we'd be asked to leave. I didn't want that to happen so I only got to shoot this once. I would have loved to explore more angles and different focal lengths. Maybe next time.


Sean G said...

They don't let you wander around on your own? That's a real shame. But knowing these are all handheld quick shots makes it all the more interesting.

Love the color and repetition in this one. That broken bulb is great.

OhCaptain said...

Thanks! They make you sign a waiver and have some specific rules. You can go on a wandering tour as part of an official photo shoot tour. Those are spendier and a bit more to arrange. It would be nice to schedule one of those someday. They currently only do the cheap tours at noon and 2pm. Not exactly the best light times.

fxmixer said...

Very cool man. I'd love to get there someday.

Sean G said...

Thanks for the info, I never would have thought about those things. It's a shame that these places require extra planning and fees for serious photographers (especially the places that open well after sunrise and close well before sunset) but I guess it's understandable when you think about how inconsiderate the average person can be.

Looking forward to seeing more, these are great.