Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Week 11 - Bon Appetit!

Yeah! 2 weeks in a row!

This top picture was my choice for our 52 week challenge. This past Sunday, my wife hosted a baby shower at our house. The spread was fantastic. You'd think men had organized this by the shear volume of food people brought.

My wife his this really cool set of Ratatouille spreaders. Picking the background was pretty easy. FOOD!

Even better this weekend, I got a new computer! um, but old habits die hard. Both shots for this week are as shot. The lighting was what I found lying around,'s the stuff coming through the windows.

The party was a lot of fun, or so they tell me. I spent most of the time playing on the new computer. I'm hoping to get some time in trying out this digital editing thing.

The second picture, or as some would say, the runner-up/bridesmaid, was the cupcake spread. How cute is this? The whole spread was much bigger then this, but you can't beat a cute baby, can you?

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fxmixer said...

Big congrats on the new computer! I know you're gonna have fun with that. The lighting is these images is really nice. I especially like the light on the baby image. So often window light is just the best light.