Sunday, January 23, 2011

Week 4 - Cold and dark

The thermometer on my computer says is 7°F outside. I don't know why but it seemed much colder then that. I'm gonna post every week, even if it kills me and I need to do it posthumously, it seems. Again, I find myself staring at the clock with nothing for my deadline. Not sure why, other then all of my other last minute shots have been inside, where it's a comfortable 68°F and I have yet to acquire frostbite living up to this challenge.

My shot for the week, while I don't think I'm really all that fond of it, is a long, very cold 13 second shot off my deck in the backyard. I was really hoping to capture the icy playground equipment but this wasn't long enough to get it, plus the light on that house was really starting to drowned out everything. This was the last of about 10 frames I snapped. Getting it focused was pretty hard. I think I'll return to this idea when the moon comes back out and shines with a little more light. The ambient city light was all I had and it just didn't seem like enough. Could have been my numb fingers and ears too, but who knows.

Stay warm!

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