Monday, February 7, 2011

Week 6 - Hot and cold

I took a photo last week, exhaustion lead to snoring, snoring lead to REM stage, one thing led to another and presto magico! 1 week has passed.

I don't think this will hit anyone's list for the most important, best or truly great photos of all time. Probably doesn't even crack my top 10 pictures I've ever taken. It does, however, constitute week 6 in my 52 week challenge.

This photo was taken for my 7 year old's science fair project. We were demonstrating that microwave ovens don't heat food by heating the air like conventional ovens do. You can clearly see that the water is 100 ° while the temperature inside the microwave is 72 °.

Gentlemen. Don't forget. Next Monday is Valentine's Day. And what ever you do...don't let me forget either!

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