Sunday, February 27, 2011

Week 9 - Playing the Blues

Someday, I'll figure out how to photograph the snow blowing experience. You know, let people that have never done it before experience of piece of it through the eye of my camera. I spent a fair bit of time this week doing that deed. Man, I'm sick of winter.

This weeks photo comes from a gathering we went to in Red Wing Minnesota. Here's four members of a band I didn't catch the name. I actually knew two members of the band as being apart of a different group known as the Back Channel Blues Band. I had thought this was them. Oops.

Back in the day, when I was still using film provided for me by the my college's newspaper budget, I used to fancy myself as a future staff photographer for Rolling Stone. A boy can dream right? Maybe someday I'll take shooting musicians more seriously again. I kinda miss it.

Anyone in this area, wanna go shoot a live band one of these weekends again like we did that one time at Whiskey Bones? Could be fun? Let me know. I need to get out and exercise my photo muscles again.


fxmixer said...

Nice one! I really like the light and perspective.

OhCaptain said...

Thanks! I really appreciate it. Is it too late to dream about making it into Rolling Stone?