Monday, January 16, 2012

Week 2 - Game On

Week 2 - Game On by OhCaptain1
Week 2 - Game On, a photo by OhCaptain1 on Flickr.
Made week 2. Well, I shot the photo Saturday, which was within my week, got it processed Saturday, but only minutes before we hosted a poker tournament at our house. I'm calling it good :-)

As I was setting up the tournament, I usually like setting up these scenes. I had just stacked all the chips we needed, put out my least favorite hand in the entire universe and snapped a couple dozen shots looking for a good angle.

I this I could get the lighting better on this one. I shot it using a flash. The ISO was too high as well. I had forgotten to dial it back from shooting sans-flash shots of the basement. Oh well, doing a photo a week for a year is gonna be messy.


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