Monday, September 10, 2007

More Pictures from the Norfolk Botanical Gardens

I'm still pouring through all the pictures I took while on vacaion. I came across these shots that were obviously done for more artistic reasons. They are not my father's vacation pictures. Feed back is always welcome!
This first one is probably my favorite. I didn't stage it at all, I just found it like this one beach. The line in the sand with the line made by the weed are just cool. Everything is strangely symetrical
I found these two just sitting by each other. This also was unstaged. It felt really ying and yang to me. The flow of the sand around the objects provides some really cool texture.
There is this beautiful fountain in the heart of the gardens. I took this one several times and I think I found an exposure that really worked to get the motion of the water just right.

A warning to others, when on vacation with the family...don't take too long getting it right, a 4 year old gets a bit impatient when they know the playland is not to far from you.
This last picture shows these amazingly sparce trees that grow straight up. The texture of the bark is really cool. I like the way the scene seems to point together to the top of this one tree. I just wonder where all the branches are...there's no scaring!

I'm gonna keep looking though the vacation pictures. I will be going on a "Photo Safari" this weekend to a local zoo and park. They recommended a 300mm lens...I ain't got one of those, so we will see what I come up with.
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