Thursday, September 6, 2007

Oriole Park at Camden Yards

This was one of the hardest places to shoot photos I've been at for a while, and not because of anything more than I felt like a 12 year old boy walking into his first big league park.

I've been going through all of our photos from vacation. I took more than 1200 images in one week. Now granted, most of them are either duplicates or complete crap, some were even taken by my 4 year old.

This first picture made me glad I bought the Canon EF-S 17-85mm f/4-5.6 IS USM lens for my 30D. This ballpark was amazing. This is a view from the concourse in center field. We timed the arrival at the park to close for comfort, so I have no pictures of the outside. Come on, I'm at my first away Twins really think my #1 priority is pictures???

The design of the park helps it blend into the surrounding area. It's in the middle of a bunch of warehouses, and the outside looks like part of them. But inside, the eye candy was everywhere. This clock tower was just one of those.

It's simple, it full of ads (that part sucks), but you can see the brick facade at the bottom with the iron gates. This is the theme of the whole park.

It looks like a warehouse!

The other big problem we were having this evening was thunderstorms were on their way in. Capturing this ballpark with lightning in the background would have been really cool, but remember, I'M AT MY FIRST AWAY GAME!

The picture on the right, shows the concourse I took the first picture from. The really cool thing about this park is it feels like you are walking on the sidewalk next to a warehouse and this all just part of the city. really are, but you in the PARK!

The building on our right is a warehouse. There is a developed floor in the concourse that has little shop like things, but the wall is edge of the stadium.
This last picture wasn't taken by me, but as any good Twins fan will, when you are at an away game...make sure everyone knows where you stand...CIRCLE US BERT!

Note: He never did. We were so bummed. We actually got more air time on the broadcast from the Orieles. Click here to watch the game!

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