Saturday, October 13, 2007

Frontanac State Park - The Final Cut

It took quite some time, but I think I finally narrow today's pictures down to 10 (Ten). It was an absolute blast today. Mark was right, we were doing what we love.

In these 10 pictures are some experiments and just some things I found beautiful. I'd love to hear people comments, thoughts and impressions.

This first picture was one of the first of the day. I really thought that none of these pictures turned out.

Mark P. and I found a scenic overlook. We were going to try and shoot the sun rise but we were very distracted by the bald eagle you see here.

The background really worked well here and the eagle turned just right look quite majestic.

When we got to the river, the first thing I saw was the tree branch reaching for the stone.

I love the illusion of this branch reaching into the frame.

The slow rolling waves behind produce a textured backdrop and the whole scene is relaxing.

This next picture was a most spectacular spider web in the moss.

The lines of the web are so vivid and strong.

It almost looks like there is something wrong with the lens or the exposure, but this is what it looked like.

These next two pictures were a bit more of the macro mood I was in for a while. I really liked the textures and the colors.

In the field, their red/brown colors mixed together and were really interesting.

This next picture, was back to the camera tricks for me.

We really struggled to find pictures with fall color in them. I struggled with this tree. The blue sky was there and the yellows and reds of fall were there, but this dang dead tree was in the way.

So I spun the camera. I don't know why, but I really liked it.

What do you think?
Next, we have a fluke of nature. You can save a ton of money on filters if you just once and while let nature do it for you.

The humidity in this area was really high and we kept changing altiude.

When I reached the top of the bluff again, my lens filter fogged right up. I noticed it was clearing from the center out and decided it was time for some diffusion.

It's funny how sometimes things just work out.

In the next 2, I found these in these exact positions. I don't know that I'm really creative enough to move things around to get them the way I like them.

The fall colors and the decaying wood mix well. I think the horizontal picture of the leaf in the redwood is probably my favorite of the whole day.

Lastly, we mix the green leaf with the orange and tan of everything else.

I never realized until today just how cool mushrooms can be. We saw a lot of them. Couldn't tell you what type they were, but they were everywhere.

Today was a total blast. It was both mentally challenging and physically demanding. I really need to thank Mark and Mark for including me in this day.

Leave a comment and tell me what you think. We only get better by practicing and listening. I'm always listening.


Nap Warden said...

I love the "let nature do it for you" shot! I also like the bark shot...great color, wonderful texture...I need to take more pics...

eggz said...

I think all these pics are amazing. I love photography too but most of my photos are of my dog. Keep up the good work! :D