Thursday, October 25, 2007

Something was missing

I realized I've never posted this picture on the blog before. This is still one of my favorite pictures. Since this blog is where I like to share my photos with the the world, I should probably put it up here with a little of the backstory to go with it.

I grew up in Red Wing, MN. It's a small town along the Mississippi River. Since I live no where near a real river any more, it's nice to get back there once and while. The Mississippi River Valley is one of the most beautiful areas any where. Sandstone bluffs cut by the glaciers and the river covered in hardwood trees.

Every so often, we are graced by the presence of a large river boat. Truly a interesting sight these days. This picture is of the Delta Queen. A historic treasure of the rivers of the central US. 2 years ago, I happened to be in Red Wing visiting my parents when the boat docked in our town.

I love the lines created by the contrast of the white and red. Circles and supports.

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