Sunday, October 7, 2007

Rev. Raven Plays the Whisky Bones Roadhouse

As I mentioned earlier, Friday night was show and tell night for the Cityscaped Photo Safari. After the review, me and the guys headed over to the Whisky Bone Roadhouse, here in Rochester.

This first picture is the interior of the venue. Its actually a pretty cool place. It's roomy and clean and well lit with incandecent and neon...unfortunately...its well lit for patrons, not a camera.

I think this shot show it off nicely!

These next few frames are of the band. I used to love shoot the bands that came to my college. Besided the finanial advantage of having a press pass, it was a lot of fun trying to capture the musicians doing what they do best!

Last but certainly not least, in what seems to becoming my signature, the ceiling! Not sure why this always captures my attention, but I always seem to find something interesting in the ceilings. I really like the purple reflection and the way the neon lights the red pipes. The colors just are what really get me.

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