Monday, April 20, 2009

Niagara Falls

Well, here it is. Niagara Falls as shot from the Canadian side. I had travelled very light on this journey. Choosing to fit everything I needed for a weekend in a single bag. I had packed my camera bag and most of the my lenses and various other camera stuff in the carry-on bag as well. I like to move quickly through the airports.

The one piece I didn't bring was my tripod. The one I have doesn't pack all the small and can do some damage if it isn't done correctly. I had borrowed one while here in Canada but at this location, chose not to set it up. We were travelling with other people and I was trying to keep up. We photographers tend to move slowly, I hear.

The reflections on the water are really beautiful.


fxmixer said...

Really cool man. So many things to look at.

Memphis MOJO said...

That's really nice!!!