Friday, April 24, 2009

Toronto from CN Tower

It was a little disappointing that it had to be hazy while I was there. I'm sure, when it's clear, I could see for miles.

This shot did turn out pretty cool though. It was taken from the observation level of CN Tower. I'm told this is the tallest structure in the western hemisphere. It sure seems like we are a long way up in the air.

At the very bottom of the picture, you can see the roof of Rogers Center, home of the Toronto Blue Jays. Gives you a little perspective.

This was taken with my 17-85mm at the 17 mm focal length. One thing about this lens is you can see a little vignetting in the corners. Some times I actually like that and others, not so much.


Katitude said...

When it's clear, you could see the spot you took the pictures in your previous two posts ;-)

nonnasnonsense said...

even hazy, it's still an awesome view!

Stephen Baird said...

cool tim. i lived in oakville for 11 years. i was born in toronto so this photo isquite familiar.

PG said...

I'd love to get up there some day, but then again I would dread it. Heights aren't really my thing, but oh the view!

Oh, and for what it's worth I just tagged you with a task (if you are up to it). Come and see...