Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Just before the crack

While out on the Scott Kelby Photo Walk, I discovered a reflection that I had never seen before. This is the Plummer Building reflected in the window of the University Square shopping and U of M campus.

Moments after taking this camera, I heard a sound that no photographer ever wants to hear. I picked my camera bag up off a park bench and felt it suddenly get lighter. This was followed by the sickest sound I've ever heard. My 70-300mm lens had fallen from my bag and landed on the sidewalk.

We went for beer, I cried a little.

But I'm here to tell you...Canon support ROCKS! Within a week, they had returned my lens with the auto focus and image stabilizing fixed! Woot! Woot!

Thankfully, I had a UV filter on the end which protected the glass from damage. For a little less then $100, my baby was back in my bag. Anyone know of a good case for these?

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Memphis MOJO said...

OUCH. Glad it's working again.