Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Plummer Building: in the details

Here in Rochester, MN, it's hard to find much that wasn't touched by the history of the Mayo Clinic. Go figure, right?

One of the prominent features of the Rochester skyline is the Plummer Building. While out on the World Wide Photo Walk, it was hard to escape the draw of this building.

One of it's many curiousities is in the details that went into building it. I tried very hard not to spend all of my time shooting the standard from the sidewalk on a tripod looking up photo, but instead, look into these magnificant details.

This is a pillar near the main front door of the building. The textures and the incandecent light produced some fascinating shadows.

This shot is as shot right from the camera. I was hand holding the camera, no tripod was used.


Memphis MOJO said...

That's a lovely photo.

fxmixer said...

I love this kinds of detail shots! Nicely done.