Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Using Light As a Background

I've really struggled photographing humans. Probably one of the biggest reasons I've never really pursued doing portraits in the past. Sure, I've succeed and taken some nice shots, but call it an irrational fear, but people suck. They aren't symetrical and they rarely for nice lines...well. I might just be afraid and that it.

This next shot was from our trip out to Oxbow Park I keep talking about. I dang near filled up a 4 GB card.

We took the kids to see the keepers of the zoo do a demo about birds of prey that were on exhibit here. When I saw this one at home, I got a nice smil in my heart. I took a picture of a human and I liked it!

I used the the bright light in the background to take care of the horrible background. I gotta say, the bird turned out pretty well too.


Astin said...

Have to say I'm not a huge fan of it. The light is blown out and obscures the top of the subject, which negates the separation from the background created by the bokeh. It might have worked with more of a contrast (ie.- darker hair). It's also really distracting and draws the eye away from the subject.

It's a good shot of the person and bird otherwise.

I think you like the picture because of the expression of the person. They aren't staring at the camera, and are relaxed and natural.

Memphis MOJO said...

When I looked at the photo, I looked at the lady, then looked at the bird, then my eyes went back to the lady.

I like it a lot.

Michelle said...

Her hair is blown.
Maybe when you photograph a person play around with some scrim's or something similar.Or pray for clouds lol