Thursday, April 8, 2010

Week 14 - Hi!

I took a lot of photos of the kids in the last week, again. My 10 year old is getting really skiddish about having her pictures on the Internet, in fact, she continually asks me not to share them.

In some ways, this photo was her idea. All the kids were climbing this tree in my parents yard. Man, I remember when this tree was just a little twig. Crap. That means I'm getting old.

I plan on bringing my camera to work with me for the next few weeks at least a couple of days a week. The campus of the hospital I work at is just breath taking this time of year. It's spring and the blooms are plentiful!

Happy Easter! Happy Spring!

By the way, before I forget to remind you, I've been playing around a little bit with Flickr. Some cool stuff there. You can find me there at - be sure to say hi and look around!


Mrs4444 said...

I love it!

I take my camera everywhere I go; you never know when you're going to run into something worth shooting :) Plus, you could participate in Unknown Mami's Sundays in My City! :)

OhCaptain said...

Thank you!

I've been in the market to buy a point and shoot to keep with me at all times. My regular camera is Canon 30D and between it, it's gear, my laptop, work folders, a couple of things to read on the bus, my back ain't what it used to be :)

A few times a year, I shift everything to my big camera backpack and lug it all to work. This place has an amazing ground crew. I hope to share some of it soon.