Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Week 16 - Around the grounds of St. Marys

How about a big round of applause?

Go Me!

I guess, in the grand scheme of the universe, there are probably much greater accomplishments, but I'll take what I can get. I have no idea how Jim Brandenburg did Chased By The Light: A 90-Day Journey. (You really should look into Jim Brandenburg, very inspiring)

This is the shot I choose for week 16. Today was the only day I had a camera in my hand that didn't have iPhone on the back. I suppose I could use that one of these weeks as a challenge, but really, I'm holding out for the next iPhone to get into that.

I found this view walking into work this morning. It's actually very close to Week 1's "Caution Icy" sign. As you can probably guess, I really liked the lines. I thought the dancing light, shadows and steam made for an interesting composition.

Not sure about this shot. I've been fascinated by this retaining wall near the chapel. I love the lines, but I just can't figure out to make it more interesting. Ideas?

This is the Chapel at St. Mary's. This old building has so many interesting shots that need exploring. I've shot here before.
This power plant needs more time. Here's another angle. It's attached to the building on top of this post. So many lines. So little time. Getting here during dawn and dusk might just be worth it.