Thursday, February 4, 2010

Week 5 - Lunar Apogee

The hardest part of these photo challenges is just doing them. If it was only a matter of shooting and posting everyweek, I would - forget it, I'd probably miss a few of those too.

Having now missed 2 weeks worth of a 52 week challenge, I submit to you week 5. I'm beginning to think that my biggest problem with doing these is worrying whether or not I'm posting my best possible picture.

This is a shot from the lunar apogee night a few nights ago. I had never tried shooting the moon before. Getting the exposure just right is tough thing to do. I doubt I get it right this time but what I did chose to do was include the cloudy sky for texture.

Anyone got a point and shoot they just love? In my research into these challenges, they always recommend just carrying a camera with you. I have a 1st Gen iPhone, I've used it but without autofocus it's a bit lacking. I'm thinking about getting a little camera just have with me at all times.


Astin said...

Moon's tough. You need a fast lens and tripod if you want any detail of the moon itself. I tend to shoot on shutter priority, and have only recently had any success.

I have 3 cameras that I use. My SLR, my Canon SD700 IS P&S, and a Casio Exlim for carrying everywhere. The Casio is ultra-thin, so it doesn't take up much room in a pocket, and fairly cheap. Colours on it are very good. It has some image stabilization as well, and various shooting modes, most of which are gimmicky, but a couple are worthwhile.

Rian said...

Mine is a Sony DSC-W90. It's my second Sony - I prefer their controls to some others, and it still has a viewfinder besides the screen- screen-only are hard to use outdoors.

Carrie said...

I really like my Canon SD1000 Elph. It's tiny and takes pretty decent pics. I think you can get a newer model using points from Full Tilt.

Amber said...

I have a Canon SD1000 that I carry everywhere with me. I have been pleased with the pictures and used that as my main camera until I got my dSLR. I would and have recommend that little camera to anyone.