Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Week 7 - Plummer House

Crap. I was really hoping to keep this from becoming the 26 week challenge but alas, I missed week 6. This past Saturday, I really didn't want to miss another week so with the wife off at work, I bundled the kids up and we went to one of my favorite local spots: Plummer House.

This is the same spot where I took the wedding party pictures at the bottom of this search. This place is just amazing in the warmer months but I'd never been here in the winter.

This top picture, is my submission for the 52 week challenge. I felt this was my best composition. I love the line, the color and the textures.

This second photo is was my second choice. I have a really hard time picking between some of my photos. It's like choosing between my kids. How do you do it?

And choosing between my kids...well here they are. I couldn't resist just shooting some with the kids in the frame. They like to ham it up once and while although my oldest daughter is getting sick of being on the Internet. Shh...don't tell her :)

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