Thursday, May 15, 2008

St. Mary's Hospital: Chapel - Part 1

At my last job, one thing I was really getting in the habit of doing was bringing my camera to work. This all stopped when I found out it would be 12 years before I get to park on site.

Well, tough cookies. Today, I brought my camera to work.

The facility where my office sits in a building connected to a very old hospital run by the Sisters of St. Francis. Techincally, they don't run it any more, but the presence is still every where.

On the campus is this chapel. I took a series of pictures today on a break. I hope to take many more pictures this spring, the campus, as it turns out, is beautiful after the winter has cleared out.

This chapel was something I didn't even know existed before I started working here. One of my co-workers told me about it and offered to take moe down for a visit. We weren't sure if any of this was above board, but no one kicked us out either.

I'll be posting a few more in the coming days. Let me know if you like them, hate them or think you see something in a dustball in the corner.

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