Tuesday, May 20, 2008

St. Mary's Hospital: Chapel - Part 4

Here's the last picture from my trip over to the little chapel.

I'm torn between this one and the stained glass picture from Part 2.

The warm glow of the window and the soft lines of the figure really keep me looking.

I remember when I took this shot, I really focused on keeping the cross separate from the lines in the window.

I may take this into Photoshop and try and bring more of the face into the light, but I just don't think it will be what I want.

I've got no photo shoots planned for this weekend and I probably won't be bringing my camera to work in the next week or so. My SIL is expecting her first baby, so I've been travelling light. The Mrs is the birthing coach so all plans are on hold. Babies do that. Hopefully, I'll get some cute baby shots.

Thanks for stopping by!

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fxmixer said...

I really like the warm light you got here and the sepeartion on the cross is nice. For me you don't need more detail in the face. I like how it is in partial shadow, makes it more moody for me.

dmarks said...

The fake Paris, the fake Venice, and St. Mary's. I've been to these recent places you photographed.