Saturday, May 10, 2008

The Venetian

On our last night in Las Vegas, we went to the Venetian. The world's largest hotel.

This place is magnificent. This hotel boasts canals, shopping and gondola rides. We didn't get to ride in the canals, but I really think I could see a nice, romantic weekend for two here.

Most of what you see here is the hotel. Harrah's is in the background, that is where we stayed. The big tower with "Phantom" on it, yeah, that's still part of this hotel.

One thing you take away from Las Vegas, besides empty wallets, is just how amazing everything looks at night. This town definitely is for the photographer that likes to shoot at night.

The colors, the movement...its all here.


Greg said...

This is just a great photo! I think this my favorite one that you have posted.

Just a real cool shot!

OhCaptain said...

Thanks Greg, I really appreciate it!

T said...

These are very good. WOW! I got nothing similar! TW3