Sunday, May 18, 2008

St. Mary's Hospital: Chapel - Part 3

I'm not Catholic so I'm not really sure why this was here.

It appeared to be a staute of a baby Jesus in a Kings clothing. It was just sitting in the window next to the flowers.

The light through the stained glass and the flowers just made for a beautiful scene.

There is one more picture in this series. It's my favorte. This particular photo shoot only last about 15 mintues. We were on break at work...

In more news, today marks the first time I had scheduled two photo shoots in one day. The first was shooting pictures of a coworkers friends daughter's (whew) prom. I didn't actually have to go to prom, which was a good thing cause the lighting always sucks there, but we were at the local historical museum. I'll probably never post a picture from that, I never got model releases.

The second was a trip to Oxbow Park at sunset. Upon further review, sunset sucks here. Its in a valley so the sun is gone long before the sky burns. We live and learn.

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Rian said...

I like this one best. The Part 4 photo disturbs me because I can't see the face. I'm distracted by what I'm missing.

This one, you see enough to really appreciate the composition and worry less about the indistinct figure. I also think it's interesting/symbolic that the flowers are anemones (often said to represent anticipation and/or dying love- apt in this scene) It has more weight to it than the other photo.

OhCaptain said...

Thanks Rian! I really appreciate your comments!

This campus has so many interesting places to photograph. I'm looking forward to spending some time this summer shooting it, if it ever stops raining.

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